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11 Things You Need to Know Before You Rent a Forklift

We are frequently asked: “How do I know if I should buy a forklift or just rent? And if I choose forklift rental, why would I choose Williams Toyota Lift?”

We welcome questions like these because they give us the chance to help our customers make the most cost-effective and beneficial choice for their needs. It also gives us the opportunity to show how Williams Toyota Lift goes above and beyond when it comes to forklift rentals and other short-term equipment solutions.

When is renting the best option?

In general, a rental forklift is usually your best option when you only plan to need a forklift for a short period of time. For instance, maybe you only need a forklift for a certain job or during certain times of the year. Or maybe your company is experiencing a particularly busy time and you need to get equipment in your facility quickly until you can figure out whether or not this uptick in business is going to continue for the long-haul. In some cases, perhaps an equipment breakdown within your own fleet has left you needing a short-term rental forklift until a repair can be finished or a long-term replacement can be purchased.

Why is renting beneficial?

In all of these cases, forklift rentals can minimize upfront costs and give you the ability to easily plan monthly rental expenses. Choosing a forklift rental also allows for flexibility, giving you the chance to try out different equipment options before committing.

In any case, all forklifts and equipment require regular maintenance and repairs, so at Williams Toyota Lift, all of our rentals come with full-service (even on wearable items such as forks and tires); however, many (or even “most”) other rental companies do not include this same level of coverage, so be sure to double-check the details before signing any contracts.

Here are 11 things you need to know before calling Williams Toyota Lift or any other rental company to schedule your forklift rentals:

  1. Weight capacity: How much weight will the forklift be required to lift and carry?
  2. Lift height: How high will the forklift need to lift loads, and how far will it need to travel?
  3. Conditions: Is the forklift running inside on smooth concrete in a controlled environment or outside on a gravel lot in harsh weather conditions? Make note of aisle widths and turning radius, as well, before calling to request a forklift rental. And consider how you will get any rental equipment into the facility. Are there space constraints or steep inclines/declines that might affect the ability to get the equipment into the facility?     
  4. Cost per day: Find out what you will be paying per day and consider whether you could purchase a comparable forklift for less than the cost of your expected rental agreement.
  5. Length of the rental agreement: How long do you anticipate needing to rent the equipment? Will you be charged overtime if you go beyond the agreed-upon “hours” per day/week/month? Are you considering the possibility of “rent-to-own” if you find that the rental equipment is perfectly suited to your needs? Be sure to talk with your forklift rental coordinator about these considerations upfront.
  6. Consider consolidating your rentals: Some dealerships can only rent out forklifts, but at Williams Toyota Lift, we have the ability to rent almost any equipment you might need, including aerial platforms, towable generators, pallet jacks, scissor lifts, vertical mast lifts, boom lifts, reach trucks, towable air-compressors, industrial sweepers and scrubbers, versa lifts, telehandlers, and more! You may find that you can fill all of your equipment rental needs with one source instead of multiple companies…which is ultimately easier and probably more cost-effective for you!
  7. Inspect the equipment: Be sure to examine the equipment immediately upon delivery, and take photos of any damage you notice before the equipment is put into use. Submit any photos to your rental coordinator on the day the forklift or equipment is delivered.
  8. Read and understand the rental contract: Not all rental companies are alike. At Williams Toyota Lift, we pride ourselves on being fair, honest, and upfront with our rental customers at every step in the process, which is why full service is included as “standard” in our rental agreements. However, not all companies operate this way. These companies may look less expensive upfront but cost you more in the long-run due to unexpected charges. Make sure you know what you’re agreeing to before you commit.
  9.  Insurance: Clarify with your rental coordinator what is covered by the rental company’s insurance and what will be covered by your insurance. Oftentimes, you (or your company) is responsible for damage caused to the equipment, as well as injuries or property damage caused while using the rental equipment.
  10. Delivery: Is delivery and unloading included in your rental agreement? At Williams Toyota Lift, it is itemized in our rental agreement as a low flat fee that includes both delivery and pick-up, but this is not the case for all forklift rental companies, so it’s something to check.
  11. Know the age and condition of the rental forklift fleet: At William Toyota Lift, the majority of our forklift rental fleet is less than 4 years old, ensuring that you are getting late-model equipment that is in great condition, but many other companies “retire” their oldest and most worn-out equipment to their rental fleet. Make sure you know what you’re getting.

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