Electric 80V forklift

When to choose an Electric forklift

There are lots of things to consider when you are choosing the right forklift for your application. One of the first decisions you must make is what type of power your lift truck will run on…electric, LP, CNG (compressed natural gas), gasoline, or diesel.

While we will discuss the other types of power in separate blog posts, this article focuses on electric, battery-powered forklifts.

Electric forklifts are mainly used indoors.


  • No Emissions –  Since there are no fumes, electric forklifts are more environmentally friendly. Lack of fumes also makes them more suitable for indoor applications because there is no need for ventilation.
  • Compact Size – Electric forklifts are often more compact because they do not require a fuel tank. Their smaller size makes them easier to store and maneuver, and can also make them more suitable for smaller facilities.
  • Low maintenance and longer life – Electric forklifts do not require as much maintenance. The battery is easy to charge or replace, which makes the forklift’s overall lifespan longer.
  • Lower overall cost of ownership – Because electric forklifts do not require as much maintenance, the overall cost to maintain them is reduced.
  • Virtually silent operation – Because there is no combustion in electric forklifts, there is virtually no operational noise. This can dramatically minimize the overall noise level within a warehouse, facility, or business.


  • Affected by environmental fluctuations – Electric batteries can be influenced by fluctuations in the temperature or humidity. This is one reason why electric forklifts are most suitable for indoor operations where the temperature and environment stays more consistent.
  • Slightly higher upfront investment – Electric forklifts can be slightly more expensive upfront than combustion forklifts, though the overall cost of ownership may be less when looking at the investment over the lifetime of the truck.

Electric forklifts are a fantastic option for many of our customers, and they are increasingly gaining more popularity as new technology is allowing batteries to run longer and provide more power.

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