Toyota Heavy Duty Forklift

When to choose a Diesel forklift

There are lots of things to consider when you are choosing the right forklift for your application. One of the first decisions you must make is what type of power your lift truck will run on…electric, LP, CNG (compressed natural gas), gasoline, or diesel.

While we will discuss the other types of power in separate blog posts, this article focuses on diesel-powered forklifts.

Diesel forklifts are mainly used outdoors.



  • Higher carrying capacity – Diesel forklifts generally have a higher carrying capacity than electric forklifts. For instance, a diesel engine can carry 120,000 lbs versus 12,000 lbs for an electric motor.


  • Use of fossil fuels – Diesel fuel comes from a non-renewable resource, so it is not the most environmentally friendly option.
  • Emissions: Because of the fumes created from burning diesel fuel, a diesel-powered forklift is not suitable for indoor applications.
  • Higher initial purchase price – Diesel-powered forklifts are often more expensive than gasoline-powered forklifts. Plus the cost of diesel fuel can fluctuate, which ultimately affects the overall cost to run the equipment.
  • More cumbersome – Diesel-powered forklifts are often larger, more cumbersome, and not as maneuverable as their electric counterparts.

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